Clinical Trial IHC & Expert Pathology Review

Gnome Sciences is committed to advancing your Clinical Trials with our wide range of specialized pathology services. Our precision-driven research solutions are conducted in our CLIA certified molecular biology and pathology laboratories, assuring the highest standards of quality and prompt delivery of results. Under the guidance of our board-certified pathologists and experienced laboratory staff, we proficiently Analyze, Image, Interpret, and Report your critical findings. Choose Gnome, and partner with a team dedicated to propelling your clinical trials forward.

Our dedicated experts are on standby to engage with your project requirements.

Service Overview

Gnome Sciences provides a comprehensive suite of Pathology Services for your clinical trials, adeptly handling retrospectively collected tissue samples. We can engage at any stage of your pathology study, whether you’re providing us with prepared histologic slides or raw specimens. You can trust in the impeccable quality of slide preparation carried out in our CLIA-certified laboratories, all under the supervision of our board-certified pathologists.

Our commitment remains unwavering regardless of the scale of your study, providing exceptional results for projects of any size, ranging from tens to thousands of slides.

Gnome Sciences’ Clinical Trial Pathology Services

Tailored Tissue Preparation

We perform meticulous tissue preparation, sectioning, and slide preparation, optimized to match your tissue types and study requirements. Our team has extensive experience with a broad spectrum of tissue types.

Comprehensive Slide Staining

We provide a wide array of histological staining techniques to illuminate specific cell structures and elements in your tissue specimens. Our pathologists and technicians can guide you towards the most effective stains for your study’s objectives.

Expert Immunohistochemistry (IHC)

Our seasoned team utilizes their vast experience in IHC techniques to accurately localize antibodies to specific antigen sites within tissue. We employ a diverse range of antibodies and methods, utilizing multiple platforms, including Leica and Ventana, to yield clear, defined signals.

In Situ Hybridization (ISH/FISH/ RNAScope®)

We routinely perform ISH to accurately detect, quantify, and localize subcellular DNA and RNA molecules (including microRNA), including multi-color chromogenic studies for co-localization.

Multiplex Chromogenic Staining

We adeptly combine routine cellular stains with multiple molecular biomarker detection using IHC and ISH, enabling simultaneous analysis of multiple proteins or nucleic acids on single slides.

Precision Antibody Optimization

Our scientists can select and optimize the antibodies for your IHC studies, tailoring specimen preparation for optimal detection of your protein biomarkers in the presence of other stains and treatments.

Comprehensive Molecular Biology Analysis

We offer a wide array of molecular pathology and biology solutions, including nucleic acid isolation, specific protein and nucleic acid molecules quantification, and providing genome variant (SNP) analysis.

Rapid Genotyping

Leveraging our extensive experience with high-throughput testing, we offer clinical-grade genotyping results within 24 hours of sample receipt at sufficient sample volumes.

Digital Pathology & Slide Scanning

We employ state-of-the-art information systems and Aperio Digital Pathology Scanners for quality control, end-to-end tracking, and secure reporting of your data.

Customized Reporting

We accommodate your specific reporting needs, including custom layouts, data types, and presentation style. All reports are thoroughly reviewed by our board-certified pathologists for accuracy.

Gnome Sciences’ Clinical Trials Services incorporate:

  • Protocol Planning & Validation: Expert assistance in designing research protocols and validating methodologies.
  • Methodological Guidance: Informed advice on the best methodologies for your study.
  • Pathology & Molecular Services: Comprehensive histologic pathology services and customized molecular assays.
  • Reference Lab & Genetic Services: Reliable lab services and genetic patient matching for trials.
  • Data Management: Robust data management and reporting through our validated LIMS.
  • Progress Updates: Regular reports and meetings helmed by our dedicated project managers.
  • Specimen Transport: Prompt pickup of biospecimens with secure tracking.
  • Rapid Service: Swift initiation, scaling, and delivery of services.
  • Quality Assurance: CLIA certified lab ensures top-quality research and data.
  • Experienced Team: Benefit from the vast industry experience of our dedicated team.

IHC Image Portfolio: Our Work in Focus

Explore a selection of the thousands of IHC images we've meticulously developed, both internally and for our valued clients.

Calprotectin Antibody

Calprotectin Antibody

Clone: EPR3554
Human colon showing DAB-brown staining of calprotectin.
IDO-1 Antibody

IDO-1 Antibody

Clone: SP260
Human tonsil showing DAB-brown staining of IDO-1.
IRAK4 Antibody

IRAK4 Antibody

Clone: Y279
Human prostate tissue showing DAB-brown staining of IRAK4 antibody.
ROS1 Antibody

ROS1 Antibody

Clone: SP384
Human NSCLC showing DAB-brown staining of ROS1 antibody.
pERK Antibody

pERK Antibody

Clone: D13.14.4E
Human gastric carcinoma showing DAB-brown staining of pERK antibody.
MX1 Antibody

MX1 Antibody

Clone: EPR19967
Human Lupus skin tissue showing DAB-brown staining of MX1 antibody.
TIMP1 Antibody

TIMP1 Antibody

Clone: EPR1550
Human prostate tissue showing DAB-brown staining of TIMP1 antibody.
pStat3 Antibody

pStat3 Antibody

Clone: (Tyr705)(D3A7)
Human ovarian carcinoma showing DAB-brown staining of pStat3 antibody.