Genotyping SNPs

Discuss your genotyping SNPs needs with our scientists:

Genotyping SNPs, Deletions/Insertions

Our assays are highly sensitive, a valuable feature when sample size is limiting. Currently validated assays/panels for the following genes include: APO E CYP3A4, FKBP5, MTHFR, CYP1A2, CYP3A5, GRIK4, SLCO1B1, CYP2C9, COMT, HTR2A, UGT2B15, CYP2C19, Factor 2, HTR2C, VKORC1, CYP2D6, FV Leiden, ITGB3. Don’t see your genomic target of interest? GnomeDX can work with you to create a customized, validated assay to meet your project’s unique needs.

  • Mid-throughput: 1 – 48 assays, up to 48 samples
  • High-throughput: 1 – 96 assays, up to 96 samples