Histopathology Services

Gnome Sciences provides a comprehensive set of routine and specialized pathology lab services for researchers and clinicians. Our precision laboratory research services are performed in our CLIA certified molecular biology and pathology laboratories. We offer top quality and fast turnaround in our labs, managed by board-certified pathologists and experienced laboratory staff.

Discuss your histopathology needs with our scientists:

Histopathology Services:

Tissue Preparation and Sectioning:

If you have not collected your specimens yet, our scientists can provide guidance on best practices for collection, storage and fixation (if done at your end) of humanor animal tissue. You can provide us with fresh or frozen tissue – we’ll perform quality control, tissue fixation for fresh tissue, processing, trimming, embedding and sectioning. We’ll select the right microtome for each application so that we have the best FFPE samples for your studies, and we’ll employ microscopic analysis to ensure that we have the right type of tissue in the optimal orientation on the slides for analysis. We can also create tissue microarrays (TMAs) if suited to your project.


Gnome Sciences provides the full range of standard chemical stains such as Hematoxylin & Eosin (H&E), as well as a wide range of other stains for different cellular compartments, tissues, molecules and cellular structures, etc. If you don’t know exactly what you need, our scientists will work with you to determine the reagents and methods that will be best for your study. Gnome Sciences also excels in detection of proteins and nucleic acids in tissues and biospecimens. We perform Immunohistochemistry (IHC) using the antibodies and immunofluorescence detection systems needed to quantify and localize proteins in situ. Gnome Sciences also performs In Situ Hybridization (ISH/RNAScope®) to detect, quantify and localize subcellular DNA and RNA molecules. We can perform co-localization studies to detect co-incidence of biological macromolecules, including multi-color chromogenic studies.

Digital Pathology:

We use state of the art information systems to ensure quality, regulatory compliance, end-to-end tracking of your samples, analysis of your results, and secure reporting of your data. This includes sample accessioning in our LIMS system, management of SOPS, reagents and protocols, storage and analysis of imaging data, interpretation and reporting of the findings, and delivery of your data and reports. Our Aperio whole slide scanners and image analysis software automate tasks to provide statistically significant results. All of our automated systems are overseen by senior lab directors. You will also receive scans from representative microscopy imaging in your Region(s) of Interest. You will get high resolution, publication-ready digital images as well as our expert interpretation. As projects are completed, we can send you your data, our you can securely log in to our custom lab services portal.

Additional Services:

We offer Laser Microdissection and Pressure Catapulting (LMPC) for single cell analysis. We use the Zeiss PALM Microbeam IV for LMPC, which is better than other Laser Capture and Microdissection systems for preserving cellular and biological integrity over a wide range of tailored or automated workflows. We offer extended molecular pathology solutions including nucleic acid isolation, quantifying specific protein and nucleic acid molecules (biomarkers) from tissue samples (total expression levels) and providing genome variant analysis of RNA and DNA species in tissues including tumor biopsy regions. Need more? Please contact us, as our team of scientists is experienced at developing, validating and implementing lab protocols for a wide range of research and clinical study methods. We excel at solving the hard problems for our customers, and we can readily scale up from proof of concept studies.


We’re not a big Pharma company, but our project is very important to us. Will you put us at the bottom of your priority list like our previous contract research vendors?

Our sweet spot is Small-Medium scale projects from study-scale to lab-scale to department scale (tens/hundreds/thousands of samples/specimens). We excel in delivering rapid high-quality results for the smaller projects and budgets that usually don’t get the same attention they deserve as the big biopharma and clinical projects. We assure you that you will be top of our list.

Do you work with organizations like ours?

Gnome Sciences works routinely with pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, academic and government research organizations, CROs, research foundations, startups, and other healthcare/life sciences organizations. Our services may be for a single researcher or clinician, a lab, a multi-site project, a department or a whole company.

What kind of samples and specimens can Gnome Sciences work on for me?

We routinely perform studies on a wide range of biospecimen types. These include human and animal tissue (fresh or frozen), FFPE specimens, tissue blocks and tissue microarrays, cell culture; single cells; cell fractions; cell/tissue lysates, hepatocytes, whole blood/lymphocytes/buffy coats/plasma/serum; liquid biopsies; urine; biopsy samples; Buccal scrapes/swabs; saliva; exosomes/extracellular vesicles; purified samples; etc.

We are working on a COVID-19 project. Can you help us?

Yes, Gnome Diagnostics is a registered COVID-19 RT-PCR testing lab for healthcare organizations across the State of Ohio. In addition, our team has published important papers on the pathology of SARS-CoV-2, and we’ve recently added clinical grade DNA sequencing for viral genome variants. We will be happy to combine our COVID-19 experience with our full set of pathology services to serve your needs.

We are preparing a research grant or an SBIR grant that requires pathology services. Can Gnome Sciences help us?

Yes, we can participate in several ways, ranging from a vendor providing a detailed quote to serving as a full partner with you on the grant. We have done each of these as well as everything in between. For example, we recently partnered with an academic institution as a sub-awardee for a grant where we provided a Co-PI and helped write the grant. For another grant, we provided letters of support. For an SBIR we wrote up our section and provided letters as a contractor. Let us know what you are looking for and we will work to help you now and in the future, when your grant gets funded.

We need data for our pre-clinical studies and then for our clinical trials. Can Gnome Sciences help us?

Gnome Sciences has the experience and certifications to provide contract laboratory services across the full spectrum from research to development to pre-clinical studies to clinical trials and clinical practice (and can even perform Laboratory Developed Tests). Just contact us and we’ll customize a quote for you for exactly the services you need.