Optimization of Novel Antibodies

Gnome Sciences provides antibody optimization services to ensure the right antibody and study procedures are in place for your Immunohistochemistry (IHC) Pathology Studies. Our precision laboratory research services are performed in our CLIA certified molecular biology and pathology laboratories. We offer top quality and fast turnaround in our labs, managed by board-certified pathologists and experienced laboratory staff.

Discuss your optimization of novel antibodies needs with our scientists:

Service Details:

Antibody Optimization:

The scientists at Gnome Sciences can help you select and optimize the antibodies for your IHC studies. This includes selection of the right proteins and epitopes for needed specificity in your IHC tissue studies, antibody type (mono- or polyclonal), species, and label. In addition, we can tailor the specimen preparation (fixation and antigen retrieval) for optimal detection of your one or more simultaneous protein biomarkers in the presence of other stains and treatments. Each antibody must be optimized for the right concentration and incubation conditions to maximize signal and quantitative detection range, while minimize background levels and cross-reactivity. We select and test the proper controls as required. Finally, we can do the research, develop and validate the entire detection protocol across multiple slides and then carry out your studies. Or we can transfer the new protocols back to you for scientists to execute studies

Additional Method Development, Validation, and Execution Services:

Services may include:

  • Protocol design and development
  • Assay Development
  • Method validation
  • Advise on method selection
  • Molecular characterizations and customized biomarker assays
  • Reference Lab service provider
  • Contract Research Services
  • Data management and reporting (using our validated LIMS system, SOPs, etc.)
  • Regular reporting and progress meetings guided by dedicate project manager
  • Rapid Start-up. Rapid Scale-up. Rapid Delivery
  • CLIA certified lab: processes, standards, controls; quality of research and data.
  • Our Team provides hundreds of years of industry experience.

Common services for early-stage companies.

We understand startups. We offer special prices for start-up life sciences and biotech/pharma companies without sacrificing our clinical grade quality.

Common studies for startups include:
  • Histopathology including slide staining and imaging
  • Biomarker characterization and cellular localization
  • Pharmacogenomic Testing
  • SNP analysis and gene expression analysis in biospecimens and cell lines
  • Clinical Laboratory Developed Test (LDT) guidance such as COVID-19 PCR Testing
  • Nucleic Acid Isolations and Sample/Library preparation for Whole Exome/Whole Genome Sequencing
  • Support services for drug discovery and development: pharmacogenomics/, mutational analysis in protein and pathway targets, impact of drugs on genome expression, etc.

Virtual BioPharma Companies.

We know that early-stage life sciences companies are increasingly virtualizing their operations to be more agile and reduce operational costs and investments. But these companies cannot sacrifice quality or speed of R&D to gain these benefits. Gnome Sciences can take on your lab work for single steps/stages of work, or we can partner with you throughout the course of product development.

Grants and Publications:

We will gladly provide quotes for any of our studies or for standard or custom laboratory services that you can incorporate into your grant applications (as a supplier or as a research sub-contractor). This includes clinical grade services to design, develop, and validate pathology methods, genomic assays, as well as to perform a range of molecular biology and advanced tissue biology services. We can also help you get what you need for that critical grant or manuscript you are working on: publication-quality data – the kind that leaves nothing to the judgement of your reviewers. We can also contract with you to get you that key bit of convincing preliminary data that will win you your grant.