Reference Lab Services

Gnome Sciences provides a comprehensive set of molecular biology and pathology lab services for researchers and clinicians for COVID-19. We have our own laboratory developed test (LDT) for SARS-CoV-2 RNA and we have reported results for many tens of thousands of patients. We have also published leading edge scientific reports about COVID-19 infections and complications. Our precision laboratory research services are performed in our CLIA certified molecular biology and pathology laboratories. We offer top quality and fast turnaround in our labs, managed by board-certified pathologists and experienced laboratory staff.

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COVID-19 Reference Lab Services:

It is well known that different laboratories get different data on key biomarkers in COVID-19 cases. This makes it difficult to compare results across laboratories. The GnomeSciences team has developed and published numerous papers on detection of COVID-19 markers in human tissues and its Reference Lab services offer standardized protocols to perform its histopathology services on samples from diverse collections and studies in order to standardize and normalize protein expression detection and ISH across specimens. Please contact us to learn more.