Gene Expression Analysis Service

Understanding gene expression is critical in elucidating the complex interactions within biological systems, revealing the molecular mechanisms of disease and the impact of therapeutics on the transcriptome. Gnome Sciences offers advanced gene expression analysis services that can help researchers navigate this intricate landscape, providing critical insights to inform drug development and therapeutic interventions.

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Service Details

Gene Expression Analysis

Gene expression variations can significantly impact how biological systems respond to stimuli, change over time, or react to disease states and therapies. Gnome Sciences leverages Real-Time PCR technology to accurately determine these differences in your samples. We offer customized panels of validated assays (Taqman) based on your gene expression targets of interest, helping you unravel the intricate tapestry of transcriptional activity. Our services cater to both mid-throughput (1 – 48 assays, up to 48 samples) and high-throughput (1 – 96 assays, up to 96 samples) needs, providing scalable solutions for diverse project requirements.

Immuno-Oncology Response Analysis

The expression of specific genes within a tumor can provide vital insights into immune response during cancer progression and therapeutic interventions. Gnome Sciences offers a select panel of 170 genes (including 5 house-keeping genes) designed to capture this critical information. By tracking changes in the expression of these genes, we can help illuminate the dynamic interplay between the tumor and the immune system, providing valuable data to guide your oncology research. Our services can handle up to 96 samples, offering a high-throughput solution for large-scale investigations.

At Gnome Sciences, we believe that understanding gene expression is key to unlocking the secrets of cellular function and disease pathology. Our gene expression analysis services are designed to provide you with high-quality, actionable data that can enhance your research and contribute to the advancement of biomedical science.