Genomic DNA Services

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Genomic DNA Services:

Genomic DNA Services:

Our assays are highly sensitive, a valuable feature when sample size is limiting. Currently validated assays/panels for the following genes include: APO E CYP3A4, FKBP5, MTHFR, CYP1A2, CYP3A5, GRIK4, SLCO1B1, CYP2C9, COMT, HTR2A, UGT2B15, CYP2C19, Factor 2, HTR2C, VKORC1, CYP2D6, FV Leiden, ITGB3. Don’t see your genomic target of interest? GnomeDX can work with you to create a customized, validated assay to meet your project’s unique needs.

  • Mid-throughput: 1 – 48 assays, up to 48 samples
  • High-throughput: 1 – 96 assays, up to 96 samples

Copy Number Analysis

Copy Number Variation (CNV) is linked to human evolution, traits, and disease, making CNV testing a powerful tool for genetic investigations. GnomeDX can determine the copy number of individual genes in your samples using our validated assay for CYP2D6 or by creating a custom, validated assay that targets your gene of interest.

  • Mid-throughput: 1 sample across 48 genes to 48 samples across 1 gene
  • High-throughput: 1 sample across 96 genes to 96 samples across 1 gene

Sample Identification / Fingerprinting

Flaws in the identity and quality of biorepository specimens produce misleading experimental data that cost research labs millions of dollars in wasted resources, and in some cases to erroneous publications that damage reputations. GnomeDX can determine that your sample set consists of unique individuals and ensure the integrity of your results. Our labs offers cost-effective sample verification with a panel of 96 SNPs for biorepositories and research study samples.

  • Throughput: 1 sample to 96 samples across the SNP Identity Panel

Mutation Analysis Assays

As we learn more about the complicated diseases of cancer, the ability to detect mutations becomes increasingly important. Gnome Dx can help you in your cancer research project with a number of PCR-based assays. Our labs are equipped to work with many sample types, including formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissues, and our assays are highly sensitive and specific, with below 1% Limit of Detection (LOD). The assays offered include:

  • PIK3CA detection for Breast, Colorectal, and Lung Cancers
  • KRAS/BRAF detection for Melanoma and Colorectal Cancer
  • Multiple mutations for Leukemia and Glioblastoma
  • HPV subtyping for the 14 high risk subtypes that can persist and progress into cervical cancer
  • Custom assays, contact us for additional information